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The Bahamas’ premier testing, tracking and technology solution that can protect you and your business and areas from COVID-19

Collins Avenue
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Carmichael Rd Near Bamboo
Carmichael Rd Near FML

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The Bahamas’ leading Covid-19 solution, providing testing, tracking and management technology that allows businesses to operate and people to feel secure they will not contract Covid-19 from visiting, working at or visiting a business. Our secret, reasonably priced on-demand and ongoing testing and tracking linked to one’s confidential and encrypted Whatsapp Code and a system that tells you if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive or negative for Covid-19. Our solution keeps everyone safe and certified businesses and areas as Covid-19 free.


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121 Collins Avenue,
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: 242-325-2030
Fax: 242-325-2055


Carmichael Road
Opposite Bamboo Shack
Phone: 242-361-0128
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